About us

With 20 years experience in biotechnology industry, Siveele is regarded as one of the leaders on development of natural protective ingredients and solutions, providing protection solutions for feed, food, personal&health care and pharmaceutical Industry.

Based on our experience with Nisin, Natamycin and ε-Polylysine, Siveele keeps on creating innovative and healthy solutions with more natural ingredients.
With headquarters in the Netherlands, Siveele has production facilities in the Netherlands, and distributors all over the world.

Siveele would like to share knowledge of natural ingredients and solutions with our distributors and customers, to deliver a safer and healthier food, personal & health care products with natural ingredients.


1993: First activities.
1994: First production line has been set up for Nisin. Cooperation with Silver Elephant.
2001: Started to build new production line for Nisin and Natamycin with Silver Elephant.
2004: New production line started to run.
2009: New office in Breda.
2010: New organization started to run.
2011: New office in Porto and Shanghai.
2013: Started to build new production line in Breda, The Netherlands.
2014: New production line has been set up in Breda, The Netherlands.
2016: Due to change of marketing strategy, closed office in Porto and Shanghai.
2017, January: New project starts up, including a totally new production line in Rijsbergen (April) and new office in Breda (September).
2017, April: New production line set in Rijsbergen, and it will be operational in October.

Siveele B.V.


Minervum 7366, 4817 ZH Breda, The Netherlands

T +31 (0) 76 571 0222    F +31 (0) 76 571 3788

E   info@siveele.com



Production site:

De Waterman 15, 4891 TL Rijsbergen, The Netherlands