New EU rules for “Organic Wine” agreed

New EU rules for “organic wine” have been agreed in the Standing Committee on Organic Farming (SCOF). Amongst the new oenological practices to be respected, sorbic acid and desulfurication will not be allowed and the level of sulphites in organic wine must be at least 30-50 mg per litre lower than their conventional equivalent. One way to lower the need of sulphites in wine is with the use of Lysozyme (E1105), a natural enzyme extracted from hen egg-white and commercialized by Siveele, which can improve wine stability, prevent off-odors and the proliferation of lactic bacteria.

Read the full Press Release of the European Commission.

Bromelain enzyme from pineapple

Bromelain, extracted traditionally from the stems of pineapples, is an enzyme mainly used in the food sector as a tenderizer. Bromelain will be among the new line of products shortly available at Siveele. Stay tuned!

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