GSFA Food Category – Dairy products and analogues

01.0 Dairy products and analogues, excluding products of category 02.0
Number Food Category
01.1 Milk and dairy-based drinks
01.1.1 Milk and buttermilk (plain) Milk (plain) Buttermilk (plain)
01.1.2 Dairy-based drinks, flavoured and/or fermented (e.g., chocolate milk, cocoa, eggnog, drinking yoghurt, whey-based drinks)
01.2 Fermented and renneted milk products (plain), excluding food category 01.1.2 (dairy-based drinks)
01.2.1 Fermented milks (plain) Fermented milks (plain), not heat-treated after fermentation Fermented milks (plain), heat-treated after fermentation
01.2.2 Renneted milk (plain)
01.3 Condensed milk and analogues (plain)
01.3.1 Condensed milk (plain)
01.3.2 Beverage whiteners
01.4 Cream (plain) and the like
01.4.1 Pasteurized cream (plain)
01.4.2 Sterilized and UHT creams, whipping and whipped creams, and reduced fat creams (plain)
01.4.3 Clotted cream (plain)
01.4.4 Cream analogues
01.5 Milk powder and cream powder and powder analogues (plain)
01.5.1 Milk powder and cream powder (plain)
01.5.2 Milk and cream powder analogues
01.6 Cheese and analogues
01.6.1 Unripened cheese
01.6.2 Ripened cheese Ripened cheese, includes rind Rind of ripened cheese Cheese powder (for reconstitution; e.g., for cheese sauces)
01.6.3 Whey cheese
01.6.4 Processed cheese Plain processed cheese Flavoured processed cheese, including containing fruit, vegetables, meat, etc.
01.6.5 Cheese analogues
01.6.6 Whey protein cheese
01.7 Dairy-based desserts (e.g., pudding, fruit or flavoured yoghurt)
01.8 Whey and whey products, excluding whey cheeses
01.8.1 Liquid whey and whey products, excluding whey cheeses
01.8.2 Dried whey and whey products, excluding whey cheeses

(c) FAO and WHO 2009