Think natural.® Epsiliseen®-H

Epsiliseen®- H is a natural antimicrobial agent with ultra-high concentration of ε-Polylysine, used in food, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

Key Benefits

  • Natural and non-animal source.
  • Broad-gauge antibacterial spectrum, especially Gram – negative bacteria.
  • Extends shelf life.
  • Effective over a wide range of pH values (4-10).
  • Can be used before or after heat treatment due to excellent temperature stability.
  • Secures desired food flavor.
  • Improves cost efficiency due to the low dosage rate.
  • Meets consumer demands for food protected with natural additives by fully or partially replacing synthetic additives.

Applications in alcoholic drinks

Applications in bakery products

Applications in beverages

Applications in culinary, sauces and seasonings

Applications in egg products

Applications in seafood

Applications in personal care products